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Run a Successful IPTV
Programming Business

Have you ever thought about having a side job to make extra money, we have the perfect opportunity for you. If you work hard enough you could eventually replace your day job, yes really. We have resellers that are making over $2000 plus a month and some making more than that.
All you have to do is buy a reseller package and we help you set up your first customer accounts step by step. It's not hard at all, if you know how navigate and post on Facebook you will be able to manage a reseller panel account.

Sell The Most Popular
Apps On The Market

All the apps we offer (Pix, StreamGo Plus and MiTv) are available for reseller accounts and all new resellers will have a one on one training with one of our team reseller account specialist. Resellers will have access to call or text for immediate support during business hours.
As a reseller you will be able to create customer accounts as well as add and cancel service, all this can be done through the control panel of each app. As a reseller you will buy credits to add to your reseller control panel, credits will eventually run out as you sell them to your customers and you will have to buy more credits to refill your control panel.

What is a control panel
and how does it work?

A control panel is a very simple interface that you access via online where you manage all of your customer accounts. Upon paying for a reseller account we will create a reseller account for you with your own username and password.
Inside the control panel you will have every single transaction of time, date and amount of credits you have added to all your customers as well as your current count of credits you have available. Hence since the control panel is accessed via online you will be able to log in to your account on any cell phone, tablet or computer.

What Are Credits &
How Do They Work?

Every credit equals to 30 days of service and after 30 days the service of your customer will expire and he or she will not have access to the programming. At that point your customer will have to buy another month of service (credit) to continue viewing and enjoying their service. Inside your control panel credits do not expire, although it is required that if you have a reseller account that you do have actual customers and you don't use the reseller panel as a personal account.
You will be able to add up to 12 months of service to your customers, but can also add 1 month at a time month to month.

So how can I make money as a reseller?

The math is very simple you buy credits for less than you will sell eventually. So let's say you buy 25 (StreamGo Plus) credits for $200 and you sell each credits or months to individual customers at $20 a month. After selling all 25 credits you will have $500, thus making your $200 initial investment back and a profit of $300 and that's only the tip of the iceberg because when you buy larger amounts of credits you will hit bigger savings that means a cheaper price per credit.


MiTv offers most channels from Mexico and other channels from USA, Canada, Central America and South America.

Pix TV Plus

Pix offers movies, sports, shows and channels from USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and Europe.

StreamGo Plus

StreamGo Plus is the only app that has evolved and has the best characteristics of some of the best apps in the industry and much more!

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